Paul Walker is dead


When people die it’s tragic, but celebrities are not a special circumstance. Paul Walker was an actor and a father. He gave to charity, but that does not make him heroic. Most celebrities do this because their accountants and publicists tell them to. This is called a write off and good publicity. Paul Walker was best known for the Fast and the Furious movies. These movies make his death all the more ironic. The publicity his death has gotten him is ridiculous, he was not Hollywood royalty nor was he an Oscar winner. The movies were noteworthy only by making over 2 billion in the box office after six movies. Paul Walker was not the great actor everyone would make him out to be, after his passing. He won a few rewards in his career most being kids choice and MTV awards. His main fan following were teens and kids. In Paul’s life he was far from a saint, he had a relationship in his 30s with a 16 year old child.


Paul drank alcohol and occasional used drugs. He was in the spotlight since in diapers, literally did a pampers commercial. What ended his life was leaving a charity event with a friend. Roger Rudas was driving the 2005 Porsche, Paul was the passenger. Roger was driving recklessly, speeding and doing donuts (spinning out of control) on a street. The professional driver lost control and smashed into a pole, that was not visible from the pictures.


The rare Porsche burst into flames and ended the 40 year olds life. There are kids with cancer, people living in dialysis, people with painful deadly diseases, tornado victims, the list goes on. If you want to feel sorry for someone, feel sorry for those people. Actors and actresses do not need your sympathy. They have people they pay for that. Gossip is going around that this is a conspiracy, he was murdered, and even the illuminati wanted him dead. Those assumption are pure insanity. This was an accident, pure and simple.




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